Racing Queensland Limited


Corporate Wide


1. Interaction with the Media, and comments made publicly play an important part in the setting of the image of, and confidence in Racing Queensland Ltd. As such it is important that a consistent and appropriate message is delivered to media outlets.

2. Recognising the importance of this area, only the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer are authorised to make comment on behalf of Racing Queensland Ltd.

3. Wherever possible, authorisation for media communication for a particular issue is to be designated by the Chairman to the Chief Executive Officer or, if appropriate, to the Management of the functional area directly involved in the issue. This is to ensure as far as possible that a consistent message is being given.

4. It is the responsibility of the Senior Communications Officer to inform the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of all requests by the media for comment or interview on any particular matter, or of any proposed media releases.

5. Media releases may be drafted within line areas, but consultation is required with the Senior Communications Officer and Chief Executive Officer before they are finalised.

6. A register of all media releases is to be maintained by the Senior Communication Officer.

7. It is the responsibility of all managers to notify the Senior Communications Officer of any media interviews prior to the interview taking place.

8. Managers who make comments to the media either officially or ‘off the record’ must immediately communicate the substance of the comment to the Senior Communications Officer. This includes comments made verbally or electronically, and whether to traditional media or new media such as internet websites, forums and social media outlets.

9. A register of all media interviews and communications is to be maintained by the Senior Communication Officer.

10. Operational staff and supervisors must not comment to the media (including both traditional and new media) under any circumstances and staff are to comply with their obligations under the Racing Queensland code of conduct and individual employment contracts.