Our Cup Runneth Underwater Again

cuprunnethphotoIn 1947 a horse named “Komikos” won the Cairns Cup on the 16th of August, today 67 years later we are trying to find out how the Cairns Cup of 1947 ended up in Trinity Inlet, only to be returned to the club earlier this year with an interesting yet aquatic story to tell.

The Cup was returned to Bluey Forsyth, an ABC radio show host and local race caller at the Cairns Jockey Club for the past 16 years, “A gentleman dropped the cup into the ABC radio station obviously aware of my connection to the club” says race caller Bluey.

He then told Bluey a story that was along these lines… When they were kids they hooked the cup whilst fishing in one of the tributaries of the Cairns Trinity Inlet, the kids then took the cup home and it became their fishing cup, a prize for each time they went fishing as to who caught the biggest fish, many years went by and the kids grew old and the cup ended up in a cupboard for many years, until it again saw the light of day and was returned to the club.

“It is a marvellous piece of our history at the club and we are calling on the community to find out what we can about its history” says Cairns Jockey Club CEO, Graham Thornton

I have spoken to some of our older members and some suggest that it may have ended up in the inlet during the torrential rain that produced local flooding on the far north coast on 5th of March in 1959. Combined with a high tide, Cairns experienced its worst local flooding for 25 years, with water flooding many shops and debris blocking the city water supply lines.

Could this be how it ended up in its watery location?

How long was it underwater for?

Who are the owners and trainers that collected the Cairns Cup in 1947?

In 2012 the Cairns Jockey Club played host to the Melbourne Cup and sent it Scuba Diving on the Great Barrier Reef, “We received National media attention from this exercise and feel that the 1947 Cairns Cup, given its aquatic history deserves a similar trip to the regions greatest asset the Great Barrier Reef, to help us find out its history, we may need to search far and wide and get a little attention” says Graham.

The Cairns Cup will be celebrating its 103rd running, steeped with so much history, who know what we may discover or what great stories may come about from the running of the 36th Cairns Cup.

Do you know anything about the 1947 running of the Cairns Cup?

The Brothers Cairns Cup is now a Tourism Award winning event and a major highlight each year for the local racing industry and one of the best things to do in Cairns.

Boasting a carnival atmosphere with a winning trifecta of exhilarating racing, superb fashion and exciting company the Brothers Cairns Cup welcomes its community and visitors to beautiful Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef every year.


The Cairns Jockey Club is a progressive club that has developed and increased the profile of racing in Far North Queensland. Our progressive racing strategy, combined with our dynamic events throughout the year is consistently increasing our on-course patronage and viewing audience providing even more value to our sponsors and spectators and making Cairns a must visit for Horse Racing enthusiasts in Australia.

Friday 8th August

Cairns Cup Luncheon

The Cairns Cup Luncheon includes a delicious seafood buffet complemented by live entertainment throughout the afternoon with live music punctuated with guest speakers including Tony Clements and Steve Hawkins. After the Luncheon you are invited to join in the Calcutta in the Cairns Jockey Club Members Bar from 6.00pm

Saturday 9th August

Brothers Cairns Cup Ladies Day Race Day

Join us as guest of the Cairns Jockey Club in our Sponsors VIP area on the Tropical Veranda, fully catered. We have a six race program and ladies dressed to the nines for MYER Fashions on the Field.

Sunday 10th August.

Brothers Cairns Cup Race Day

Join us as guest of the Cairns Jockey Club in our Sponsors VIP area on the Tropical Veranda, fully catered. Today hosts an eight race program including the highly contested Brothers Cairns Cup.

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Photo Opportunities exist of the 1947 Cairns Cup

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