Orange Army a winner at the Brothers Cairns Cup

Naming Rights Sponsors Brothers Leagues Club of the 103rd Brothers Cairns Cup offer an odds on opportunity and giving back to a community organisation that makes us feel safe in times of trouble.

“The SES continually dedicate their time and energy to keeping our community safe in times of trouble” says Brothers Promotions Manager, Jeff Mizen.

Today the Brothers Leagues Club announce that the Brothers Leagues Club’s Corporate Area on the Saturday of the Brothers Cairns Cup will be donated to the volunteer organisation as a vote of thanks from Brothers and the region for the work that they do in the community.

Brothers will also provide the SES with a fundraising opportunity on the day by donated a new Weber BBQ to be raffled over the two days of the Brothers Cairns Cup to raise much needed funding for the organisation.

Cairns Jockey CEO Graham Thornton says “The Orange Army is a worthy organisation, we are delighted to host some of the regions heroes, and it’s a great way to thank all of those hardworking volunteers who help families and businesses across the region”

The SES is a volunteer based organisation that is designed to empower people to help themselves and others in their community in times of emergency and disaster. EMQ (Emergency Management Queensland) provides management and support services for the SES including developing Operations Doctrine to assist them in effectively and efficiently undertaking their approved functions.

The SES Units are made up of local people who have volunteered to prepare themselves and their communities to minimise the effects of a disaster. Under the motto, “Be Aware”, the basic concept of the SES is to encourage self-help and mutual assistance within each community. SES Groups support the statutory services (Police, Fire and Ambulance) where an emergency or disaster is beyond the resources of those services. In Queensland, the SES is the primary response agency for storm and flood emergencies.

The Far Northern Region (FNR) covers approximately 288,538 square kilometres and includes 20 Local Government areas.

Regional Director of Emergency Management Queensland Wayne Coutts says “We are delighted with the offer made by Brothers Leagues Club to host our volunteers at the Brothers Cairns Cup, we have even been given a carton of sausages to feed our volunteers during the day”

The Cairns Cup Carnival held on the 9th and 10th of August attracts crowds over 5000 people and is serious racing for the region with the Brothers Cairns Cup, Babinda Electrics Newmarket Open Quality Handicap and the Brothers Lightening Open Quality Handicap the feature races of the quarter of a million dollars in prize money over the two days.

Orange SES Volunteers, Wayne Coutts and Brothers Leagues Club will be present at the Cairns Jockey Club today at 11.00am to be presented with the BBQ and race Day passes for the volunteers.


Shahnee Ricci

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