Platters need to be pre-ordered and paid for 2 days prior to each race meeting. Call 4054 1203 to order

Hot Platter – Duck and plum spring rolls, Arancini balls, vegetarian samosa, Mini Sausage rolls, party pies and wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce – $12 pp.

Dips and croutes platter – A trio of home style dips served with a selection of crackers and vegetable strips $40, $60

Antipasto Platter – Diced Cheddar cheese, cocktail onions, mixed olives, sliced chorizo sausage, dill pickles, Trio of dips and served with water crackers $30, $60

Mediterranean Antipasto – selection of shaved meats, feta, olives, duo of cheeses, marinated Mediterranean vegetables, dolmades and served with a trio of dips, water crackers and $35, $70

Tropical Fruit Platter – A combination of seasonal fruit straight from the markets $50, $75

Cheese Platters – A fine selection of Australian made cheeses, including Blue- Vein, Double Brie, and Vintage Cheddar, accompanied by fresh and dried fruits and served with water crackers $60, $90

Sushi Platter – A selection of the finest Japanese sushi served with soy sauce, wasabi and pickled ginger $50, $75

Sandwich Platter – A combination of freshly made mixed sandwiches $35, $75

Dessert Platters – A selection of petite cakes and slice portions of chocolate hedgehog, mini éclairs, cherry slice, mud cake and coconut slice $50, $75