Fillies of a different kind!

Fillie photoThe Cairns Jockey Club is set to involve some fillies of a different kind with an Arabian Feature Race at the Brothers Cairns Cup and a Fashionable Fillies race at the Rotary Race Day this Sunday.

This Sunday at the Rotary Race Day we will see some fillies of a different kind dressed up Fillies prepare their heels for a dash up the straight of Cannon Park for the inaugural Fashionable Fillies Race including champers in one hand and a race guide in the other.

The Winners will be treated to tickets to the Cairns Cup High Tea on the Sunday of the Cairns Cup where over $10,000 in cash and prizes are up for offer with a registered Fashions on the Field Competition.

At the last Race on the Saturday of the Cairns Cup we will feature the Arabian Race, says CEO Graham Thornton of the Cairns Jockey Club.

“The Club is keen to start to host a program of Arabian Racing in the 2015 Racing season and start to build the fledgling industry in North Queensland” we are keen to link with other tourism centres like the Gold Coast and develop a series that may one day lead to Cairns hosting a World Championship for the sport.

In 1804 the Arabian stallion, Shark, arrived in Australia. Shark stood at the Crown Stud at Toongabbie and sired some very good horses.

One of these was the dam of Junius who, prior to 1830, was the premier racehorse. Shark’s name was prominent in the pedigrees of many of the early racehorses and many of his daughters were bred back to him.

By the early 1900’s the Arabian had lost its identity as a racehorse and although many Arabians were still racing they were called Thoroughbreds. Horse racing in Australia soon became the domain of the Thoroughbred.

Today, Arabian bloodlines are found in almost every modern breed of riding horse.

Arabian horses are now once again taking their place on Australian racetracks.

Fiona Green, from Gordonvale, who recently returned from the USA after being nominated for best International Female Arabian Trainer, Fiona is a Member and a Queensland representative of NARA the National Arabian Racehorse Association and says “The event was sponsored by HH Sheikh Mansoor bin Zayed Al Nahyan Global Arabian Horse Flat Racing Festival and HH Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak and it was an honour to attend these awards in Hollywood as the Australian nominee.

Across the eight categories for best female in their field, there were 72 female nominees from 20 countries. These tremendous numbers were an eye opener, just goes to show how immense this industry is with female representatives. The awards recognise these women for their success in a way that they maybe haven’t been recognised for before in their whole life. To me I see that as a great incentive and it motivates me to continue to strive for success with racing our Arabians. That success entails everything from the early morning starts, the dedication and hard work to getting the horses to the track, to promoting and educating others and having fun along the way. Luckily my husband Scott trains alongside me and it was his passion for racing that got us started.

We are pleased to be invited to race at the Cairns Cup carnival, which is a highly anticipated event of the year. We look forward to seeing many race goers cheering our horses on”.



Shahnee Ricci

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