Cocktail lovers please continue…

The Red Beret Hotel Cairns Cup Carnival is an exciting combination of exhilarating racing, on trend racewear, delicious food, live music and wonderful new experiences.

On such a fantastic day out, we thought there was just one thing missing… an official Red Beret Hotel Cairns Cup Carnival Cocktail.

We have teamed up with Treasury Wine Estates to create 3 decadent and delicious wine cocktails. Punters can now vote for their favourite cocktail and the beverage with the most votes will be available at the 2019 Red Beret Hotel Cairns Cup Carnival. 

Vote now for your chance to win a free cocktail on the day. Just don’t forget to drink responsibly!

Vibrant Squealing Pig Rosé garnished with fresh strawberries & cucumber served over ice and topped with Schweppes Lemonade. This fashionable and fun drink will keep you refreshed all day.

This stylishly simple drink is the wine version of a Ginger Beer. This cocktail sees Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc & Schweppes Ginger Ale built over ice with a generous squeeze of lime & candied ginger.  A deliciously crisp beverage to enjoy all day.

Named after the 2018 Red Beret Hotel Cairns Cup winner. Enjoy Squealing Pig Sauvignon Blanc & Strongbow Blossom Rose Cider poured over ice & topped with Schweppes Soda Water. Adorned with fresh fruit and a rosemary sprig, this sophisticated beverage will make you feel like a champion. 



Make sure you’ve secured your tickets to enjoy the delicious winning cocktail alongside first-class racing, stellar entertainment and superb fashion at the 2019 Red Beret Hotel Cairns Cup Carnival. 

Shahnee Ricci