21 November 2014









A Racing resurgence and reinvigorated carnivals has led to racing being recognised as a significant leader in event tourism for the region.

The Cairns Cup and the Cairns Amateurs were both judged winners of the best Festival & Event and Best Major Festival & Event at the Tourism Tropical North Queensland Awards on Friday Night. The Cairns Amateurs is also set to contest at the Queensland Tourism Awards next Friday. This makes the third year for the Cairns Amateurs winning the Best Major Event and will be installed into the Tourism Hall of Fame in 2015.

“Winning these awards is recognition for the outstanding contribution that our employees, volunteers, and racing stakeholders make to the region” says CEO of both Clubs, Graham Thornton. “We have a very unique product of Racing, Fashion and Fun and it is all set in one of the best regions in the country”

Both events had the support of racing’s royalty through their ambassador programs, racing identities such as Kris Smith, Kate Waterhouse and Jessica Mauboy have seen the events increase visitation to the region.

The Cairns Cup continues to utilised its special backyard to send the Cairns Cup scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef generating publicity for racing and the region and the Cairns Amateurs continues to be the regions biggest economic party generating over 17,500 visitor nights.

Since 2011 the Cairns Jockey Club and the Far North Queensland Amateur Turf Club (Cairns Amateurs) signed an agreement to share operational and management resources. The agreement was about developing synergies between the clubs to run racing more efficiently and effectively in Cairns.

“Both events are not new” says Graham, the 103nd Cairns Cup and the Amateurs has just completed its 56th Carnival, “These awards show that we are revitalised and by no means long in the tooth, this is not just about winning awards, this is about making a multi-million dollar industry sustainable in the long term”

For more information: Contact Graham Thornton on 0404 460 500

Shahnee Ricci

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